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Is Mediation Becoming a Trend?

February 20, 2012

When even the Huffington Post has a special section on Divorce, you know there is a lot of interest in the subject.  Read some of the articles in this daily section on that popular blog, and you will definitely see a trend or two.

Most of the articles are about being “nouveau poor” after divorce, or about trying to “turn down the anger and rage” during the divorce process, (quoting Tara Fass in a recent Huffington Post article.

Avoiding being “nouveau poor” and trying to be more amicable can be accomplished by mediating your divorce details.

Divorce Mediation is fast becoming the preferred method of ending a marriage, with the divorce rate becoming a national norm, and with litigation costs soaring for the average family.  Divorce has never quite fit the mold of our civil justice system (court system), and has therefore always been the step child of the courts. Family court has truly become the “court of last resort”, despite valiant efforts of dedicated family court judges to salvage the people who must use the system.

In Divorce Mediation, the couple meet with a neutral mediator, trained to help them manage their way through the minefield of issues required to be settled for a complete Separation Agreement, which is a necessary precursor to a valid divorce, when there is property to divide and children to parent and support.

“How parents divorce matters even more than the divorce itself,”  is an important quote from NEWSWEEK.

When the “HOW” is mediation, that neutral professional helps the couple structure the process and keep it on track, while the couple have complete control over the decisions that are made.

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