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How Mediation Works

Legal disputes that end in court are inevitably costly.  They cost time, emotional energy, and money. MH Mediation offers a different process that has become popular in recent years because it much less time consuming, less expensive, and ultimately less stressful. Working with the help of an experienced mediator, the people involved speak for themselves, express their needs and concerns in an environment where the other party has agreed to work towards a mutually acceptable solution. The participants engage voluntarily and frequently find the process to be quicker, more flexible and more cost effective than a prolonged legal battle.

MH Mediation assists in resolving and facilitating:

  • divorce cases
  • child custody and visitation agreements
  • child support
  • division of property and maintenance
  • spousal support
  • prenuptial and mid-nuptial agreements
  • gay-friendly prenuptial agreements
  • elder care issues
  • family disputes
  • post divorce disputes
  • business mediation
  • civil disputes
  • multi-party agreements


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