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Free Informational Session: Divorce 101 – The Basics

What happens if I get divorced?  How does the divorce process work?  Will I have enough money to support myself and my children?  Will I get to be with my children?  How does custody and visitation work?  What will happen to my house if we get divorced?  What will happen to my business in divorce?  Retirement?  Stock?  Stock Options?

We know that people need a lot of information before deciding whether to leave their marriage and how to go about it.  While there is no substitute for a personal consultation that is focused on your particular situation, if you are looking for general information, the lawyers in our office provide an informational program each month on the fourth Thursday at 4 pm – 5 pm.    The program is entitled “Divorce Options”, and consists of a general presentation by one of the attorneys in the office on the way divorce and separation works.

If you or  anyone you know  could benefit from understanding the  choices – kitchen table, mediation, collaboration and litigation, please join us.   Coming to one of our workshops does NOT constitute a consultation, and individual legal questions cannot be addressed, but we will explain all of your choices and answer general questions.  We will also be available to set up a private consultation at a later time, if that seems appropriate.

Call us at 845-896-9651 if you would like to attend or if you want an individual consultation.  Our 2022 events are generally scheduled for the third Thursdays of  each month by zoom.  Pre-registration is required, but there is no fee.



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Learn about Divorce in free workshop on zoom: DIVORCE 101 WEBINAR:  What are the differences between mediation, collaboration and litigation?  Open to the Public. Free of charge. Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 4:00 pm. Call or email us to reserve a spot.RSVP Today