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Collaborative Divorce–A Process Option Whose Time Has Come

September 24, 2019


Kim Ciesinski recently wrote an excellent article in the New York Law Journal explaining the advantages of collaborative law over litigation in divorce cases. She identifies upsides including  client-driven negotiation, privacy, emotional guidance and financial expertise. In addition, she characterizes types of couples who tend to choose litigation, mediation and collaboration respectively. These are generalizations of course, and whether you fit into one of these categories or not, the collaborative process should be considered before jumping into litigation.  You can read the article here.

Many people would prefer to stay out of court and resolve their differences peacefully.  Collaboration provides a very supportive private and peaceful mechanism for doing so.  Consider a consultation with one of our attorneys to explore whether this out of court option would be best in your situation.


This post was originally published on 5/3/17.


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