MH Mediation


Can Mediation Work for Us?

Mediation offers couples an opportunity to separate with a minimum of the anger and animosity that is often heightened during a divorce. Divorce mediation enables the participants to retain control of the process. Mediation creates an environment where listening takes place. Learn more »

Is Mediation Affordable?

In addition to being hard on everyone involved, court battles are expensive. Mediation has become a popular approach because it is much less time consuming, less expensive, and ultimately less stressful. Working with an experienced mediator, the people involved. Learn more »

Our Mission

The mission of MH Mediation is to assist people in conflict to resolve their disputes and reach a mutually acceptable agreement without having to rely upon third parties to make decisions for them.   Through an exploration of the facts and the parties' interests, we are generally able to formulate a mutually acceptable solution, one that is consistent with the values of the individuals and that meets their individual interests.