MH Mediation

About Us

Since 1981,  MH Mediation has engaged in helping a wide variety of people, families, businesses and organizations offering discrete service close to home.

Our lawyer-mediators offer a calming and intelligent interaction with both sides in a dispute. In our process each side has a full opportunity to express themselves and to be sure they have a full understanding of the other party’s point of view. Each side discovers that there are areas where they can agree, and learns to negotiate the areas of dispute. Since each side has a vested interest in solving the problem, without resorting to costly court battles, the time taken to reach agreement is most often less than going to court.

The mediators at MH Mediation are trained, experienced, and knowledgeable about all aspects of dispute mediation and solution. They are active in the mediation field and have helped lead the way in making mediation the widely accepted technique it is today.

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