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Instead of the Destination Wedding, What About a Destination Divorce?

June 20, 2012

Here’s a new idea that might appeal to some of our Mediation clients. You can book in to this hotel (currently it’s a one of a kind venture in the Netherlands) for the weekend (separate rooms, if you prefer) and meet with appropriate professionals (Mediator, Financial Planner, Accountant, Therapist, Lawyer) and walk out at the end of the weekend with all the necessary papers to file your divorce with the Courts.

The New York Times refers to it as the Ultimate Getaway. Spouses certainly get away from each other, although the story indicates that some of the 17 couples who’ve tried it end up taking a last walk on the beach or a dinner together. That’s certainly more likely to be possible with couples who use Mediation to end their marriage. It is possible to dissolve a marriage amicably if both parties agree to Mediation and to abide by the conclusions reached. However, getting everything resolved over a weekend may be just a little optimistic!

Read the NY Times article for yourself.

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